Adam Wide

Adam Wide

Adam is a retired DFL who founded and was chairman of Europe’s largest independent Entertainment consultancy ‘Openwide International’.

Openwide International operated from offices in London, Ibiza, Warsaw, Hamburg and Miami, with 45 full-time staff and up to an additional 500 additional representatives or performers on the pay-roll at any time.

As consultants – we advised multi-national corporations, museums, resorts, destinations and visitor attractions on using entertainment programming or staff re-training to breathe life into any aspect of the “customer interface”.

In essence the aim was to design an atmosphere which makes our client’s consumers more susceptible to increasing their ‘dwell time’, spending more and therefore increasing revenue whilst remaining fiercely Brand loyal.

As well as operating Cromer and Bournemouth piers we advised and supplied entertinament programming to tourist destinations around the globe. Every year over 5,000,000 people would sit down to enjoy one or several of our many entertainment or educational events.

Each communication exercise was never purely about ‘entertainment’ but had a firm commercial remit, and our task was always to directly increase profit – while justifying costs.