Lynne Salvage

Lynne Salvage

Now retired from a 40 year (interrupted) sole trading career as a Couturier, Bespoke Soft Furnishing and Soft Set Designer and Maker I am free to engage fully in politicised creativity.

My political and artistic energy is ;
Locally invested, tactile, 3D, deconstructed, re-made, non-heirarchical, inclusive, diverse, non-denominational, pan-gendered, green, for the many and .com_passionate (apart from Facebook!).

If you/your group are like-hearted and have a project that can use my soft structure skills to create installations, clothing, theatre sets, or any other ideas you may have then please get in touch.

A passion for your project is more important to me than payment. However…I’m not rich so should there be any funding available for my contribution it would be gratefully received as an added bonus.

Looking forward to meeting you.


Address: 394, Harold Road, TN35 5HG
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