FAQs Listings

Information about filling in the listings form.
First, only your name and email are essential. Everything else is optional.
(If you don’t want your email on the form contact Hastings Creatives by other means…)


This is how your listing will appear:hastings creative listings guide

1. You must have a name. No title is needed.

2. Please submit a logo or picture in the shape of 225 (long/wide) by 165 (high/deep). You don’t have to submit a logo or picture, your choice.

3.Please submit an accurate address if you want to come up on Google maps, (below). If you want to stay private, that’s fine too.

4. There’s room for landline and mobile numbers, but whatever works for you.

5. An email is needed to get this form from you and to confirm it. If you don’t want your email public let us know.

6. Information about yourself.  Ideally this should interest the reader enough to make them contact you. Short, bland descriptions usually don’t have this effect.

7. By clicking this people can add your contact details to thier address book, probably for future contact…

8. If you have a lot to say about yourself the overflow goes here.

9. The Google map. Optional. If you don’t want to appear, don’t fill in your address.

And; Categories

Please scroll down the blue box on the listings form to choose which category you want. If you want more than one category please enter all again.

Please email if you have other queries.